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But, George is getting paid, and perhaps the time travelling liar is too, so what do they care? And did anyone hear how this Andrew D. I wonder if Andrew is a skeptic who later plans on exposing George as a gullible moron. Major Ed Dames another delusional liar was called by George during the show, because Andrew claimed the Ed was his teacher for the Mars colonization project, or um, was it the time travel one. But so George asked, and Ed said that Andrew was delusional and to stop emailing him and to go start a cult or something, oh but Ed said he did distinctly remember seeing ELVIS, yes ELVIS and Lady Gaga at his um, ok I missed that part but if he saw them both together there must have been some time travel thing going on. So this is what George Noory the Universalist Catholic wants us all to spend our time listening to. Awesomely dumb crazy people who get to plug their stupid websites or books to millions of people, and drain these gullible idiots of their money. Nope, he instead lets the idiot guest comment on it who says, it may have to do with her past life and possibly menstruation and that she should have the video analyzed. I am so tempted to cuss these guys out. I wish I could throw something hard at their heads.

J. Z. Knight

In most linguists’ definitions, gender is a noun category with consequences: The word gender is cognate with genre and genus. The Latin word genus is a third-declension noun, as one can tell from the genitive singular form generis. Most of the words derived from it are based on the root gener- and have nothing in principle necessarily to do with sex. There are indications that what eventually became the feminine gender first arose to distinguish abstract nouns.

The distinction between animate and inanimate is a widespread basis for categorizing nouns.

Nov 07,  · I loved me some george noory. Once upon a time, I delivered pizza for a living and GN was my ever present late-night companion and often by the time 3 AM hit I’d be totally convinced the Reptillian Overmind or Gray Council were lurking and plotting to bag themselves a Pizza Guy and take me to the secret underground UN Base at the Denver Airport.

Career[ edit ] Knight grew up in poverty. After graduating from high school, she dropped out of business school. She later worked in the cable television industry, and due to her work moved to Tacoma , Washington , where a psychic told her the “Enlightened One” would appear to her in the future. Time called her “probably the most celebrated of all current channelers”. She also won a court case which affirmed that she is the sole legal channeler of the entity Ramtha.

Ramtha[ edit ] “Ramtha” the name is claimed to be derived from Ram and to mean “the God” in Ramtha’s language is the name of a reputed entity whom Knight says she channels. According to Knight, Ramtha was a Lemurian warrior who fought the Atlanteans over 35, years ago. According to Knight, Ramtha led the army for 10 years until he was betrayed and almost killed. She says that he later mastered many skills, including foresight and out-of-body experiences , until he led his army to the Indus River while in his late fifties.

According to Knight, Ramtha taught his soldiers everything he knew for days, he bid them farewell, rose into the air and in a bright flash of light he ascended before them.

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The graphic video drew international outrage after it was posted by a woman who said she was the victim — and that her parents, including her father, Aransas County Texas, Court-At-Law Judge William Adams — were the ones seen beating and cursing at her in the video. The video, apparently shot on a webcam, was also posted to YouTube.

But I really want him to seek help. He said people in Rockport and elsewhere began forwarding the video to police Tuesday night. In addition, he said, his office will look at how the law has changed in the past couple of years, as there could have been different laws in effect at the time. Do not allow this man to ever be re-elected again.

Jul 22,  · Earlier this year, the realms of law and new media collided when Lori Drew was hit with federal charges for creating a fake MySpace page and harassing a .

Art Bell III was always interested in radio and at the age of 13 became a licensed amateur radio operator. Bell served in the U. He would go out of his way to play anti-war music like ” Eve of Destruction ” and ” Fortunate Son ” that was not aired on the American Forces Network. While there, he set a Guinness record by staying on the air for hours and 15 minutes. The money raised there allowed Bell to charter a DC-8 , fly to Vietnam , and rescue Vietnamese orphans stranded in Saigon at the war’s end.

They were eventually brought to the United States and adopted by American families. He dropped out and returned to radio as a board operator and chief engineer, and had opportunity to be on the air a few times. For several years he worked behind and in front of the microphone. After a period of working in cable television , in the 50, watt KDWN in Las Vegas, Nevada offered Bell a five-hour time slot in the middle of the night.

Syndication of his program to other radio stations began in Broadcasting career Bell’s original Las Vegas program was a political call-in talk radio show under the names West Coast AM and Coast to Coast , but he tired of the format, believing there were too many such programs, especially in the wake of Rush Limbaugh ‘s huge success. Bell abandoned conventional political talk in favor of topics such as gun control and conspiracy theories , leading to a significant bump in his overnight ratings; however the show’s focus shifted significantly after the Oklahoma City bombing in

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He claims to be in “direct communication” with the Lord , transcribing “The New Revelation. Because of his prolific calling and well-enunciated unusual views, he has been allowed to speak with other callers as well. During his interview in , J. Prior to his first interview J.

Mar 02,  · “One other thing, I found George listed on a genealogy site I subscribe to with addresses both in Sherman Oaks and in St. Louis. The thing is, they list a Lisa Noory, age 41 as living with him in Sherman Oaks.

Please feel free to comment I really liked George Noory at first–I thought he was just great and polite because he let people talk and one could hear the whole story. Coast to Coast is a fine show because it can give a voice to the average person in the US To give people a voice is inspirational to me Just last evening he was going on again about how horrible things are in our country. He is very offensive to me I am proud of him and I am proud of our country.

Yes, one can find very many things the government has done wrong but, in general, we have a great, leading nation with huge grand accomplishments. If he wants Jerome Corsi let him have the opposite view on with a equal time allowance. If he would listen to the guest and act interested instead of promoting his financial agenda once in a while it would be refreshing.

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After purchasing, you will download this item to view it. That means it is not a book made of paper. Published by HogueProphecy Publishing. What a year that was! We all lived it a very long while ago.

As of May 20, , the Coast to Coast website listed that Art Bell would be filling in for George Noory on Friday, May 22, to interview Dr. Bob Koontz. However, Art Bell did not do that show. The Coast to Coast website, again, cited technical difficulties in Manila and that his interview would be postponed.

Baker, married March 1, , divorced, July 3, Vincent Pontius, [28] Lisa Pontius Minei. His first retirement was highly unexpected by his listeners, and was announced on October 13, Bell spoke of “an event, a threatening terrible event occurred to my family, which I could not tell you about. Because of that event, and a succession of other events, what you’re listening to right now is my final broadcast on the air. Bell returned on October 28, , asserting that the brief departure was brought on by threats made against his family.

On May 29, , Bell explained that this retirement was due to an allegation made by hosts of WWCR shortwave radio that Bell had paid to cover up a criminal indictment. Because of the nature of the crime, Bell had wanted to keep the matter private. Bell responded by taking legal action against Gunderson, as well as the hosts and stations.

The action was resolved in a settlement in Brian Lepley, a substitute teacher, was convicted of sexual assault and attempted transmission of HIV and was sentenced to 10 to 25 years.

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Who are the experts speaking in Earthquake Prediction: Dawn of the New Seismology? Regarding the century long mantra of impossibility that has attached itself to seismic forecasting, the facts may say otherwise.

Sep 07,  · George Noory Guest(s) Open Lines Friday, August 26 Open Lines Hosted by Ian Punnett Guest(s) LOL, never again. But that was a long time ago. Heck you can’t even trust the pics some put up on the dating sites. As far as putting the part about “will not stand a liar”, that wouldn’t run me off. I think we all feel that way. I find it is just a.

Firearms ZoneFirearms Zone The first step to meaningful change through using admit were we are and that need assistance. This often is the hardest step. Frequently much products we have avoided comes back home to our organization. When I began to admit getting bullied was much more being afraid to take a stand, Began to develop the courage to refuse to the bullies.

What amazed me was which i did not have to prove it them approximately to as well. They stopped picking on me when I finished cowering. Firearms Zone The second group of survival foods is those which originate of ones water regarding fish. It is safe consume all with the freshwater fish found in North American waters. Around the globe possible with little practice to catch a fish with your bare hands although in most cases this will not befall.

Wait patiently as they swim on your part and within one month pin the fish to the bottom on the water with your hands. You may also chase the fish into a shallow pool of water and trap them usually there. If you happen to produce an emergency fishing kit with you it may happen to use worms or grasshoppers to hook your do some fishing.

J. Z. Knight

This is usually followed by a lengthy interview with the evening’s guest, or hours of open phone lines. Occasionally, roundtable discussions are held on one of the show’s common topics. Since Art Bell has resumed weekend hosting from the Philippines, he has focused on scientific topics. Seems, since Coast has lost their long-time announcer to the Red Eye Radio people, the show is going dowing hill rapidly and has mad a vast departure from the initial Art Ball programming.

Celebrities Commonly Mistaken as Being Jewish who are NOT JEWISH. Dan Ackroyd (French/British descent from Canada) Alan Alda (Italian-American star of MASH born Alfonso Joseph D’Abruzzo).

Click on the thumbnail below to read the feature: Nick will give a lecture entitled “Rendlesham Revelations”, updating attendees on the famous Encounter in Rendlesham Forest. This will include the inside story of the VA’s settlement with John Burroughs, in which the UFO was officially acknowledged as having caused harm, along with the latest news on the binary message, which has been called “a real-life Da Vinci Code”. Nick will also give a workshop entitled “Disclosure Dilemmas”, a speculative and subversive look from Nick’s insider perspective at the post-Disclosure world, looking at “who’s going to get rich, who’s going to be famous, and who’s going to jail”.

Early booking for the workshop is highly recommended, as space may be limited. Finally, Nick will be taking part in a panel discussion entitled “Government Cover-Up and New Disclosures”, on which, in view of his government background, he may be cast as the ‘token bad guy’. Click here for details of Nick’s talks and of how to book. It has just been confirmed that Nick Pope will be appearing at Contact in the Desert where he will give a lecture and a workshop, and sit on at least one panel.

The event will cover space, UFOs, extraterrestrials, ancient mysteries and much, much more. Last year’s Contact in the Desert drew around attendees and made headlines all around the world. This year’s event is set to be even bigger and better. As part of a special promotion to tie in with the announcement that Nick Pope will be speaking, the organizers have announced a special opportunity to win a free pass. Click here for the opportunity to win.