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Ever since the inaugural edition of the Games in Singapore, in , the YOG have forged a reputation as a sporting incubator and innovator. But they have also been a pioneer away from the field of play, supporting athletes through educational programmes and activities. At Buenos Aires , the YOG will once again lead the way by having complete gender equality for the very first time in Olympic history. It is the priority of the IOC and local organisers to ensure that all 4, athletes, both female and male, feel safe, and in turn feel strong, empowered and confident to enjoy their first steps on the Olympic stage. The IOC Safe Sport booth will in turn offer a space for athletes and entourage members to interact with experts in the field, and to learn about Safe Sport through specifically developed games, programmes and activities. Protect the Clean Athlete, Athlete Performance and Athlete Beyond Sport, with more than 60 Athlete Role Models on hand to mentor the athletes and share their knowledge, including the challenges they have had to overcome. Throughout the Games, the Youth Olympic Village will host interactive workshops for athletes, raising awareness of key issues such as abuse in sport, match-fixing and anti-doping regulations.

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Cross-cultural relationships can be without doubt one of the most challenging type of relationships there is. Different languages, different cultures, different worlds The joy of a cross-cultural relationship is that there are actually major benefits and gems to be discovered that you won’t have with someone in your own culture.

Ecela “No-Fail” Way to Learn Spanish While You Travel South America Over the years we’ve helped thousands of students, many starting as novices, reach advanced and fluent levels of Spanish – usually surprising themselves at their levels reached and the speed of getting there.

Jump to navigation Jump to search Casa Rosada The center centro of Buenos Aires has most of the city’s attractions, including performances especially on Avenida Corrientes in the Tribunales theater district, the dense downtown area with government buildings, the San Telmo tango scene, and the biggest train station and the general bus station that offers connections to the surrounding provinces and neighboring countries.

Understand[ edit ] The San Telmo district preserves colonial-style houses along narrow cobblestone lanes, illuminated with pretty wrought iron lanterns. In San Telmo, one breathes the history of Buenos Aires. There is also a very exciting, underground nightlife scene. Just like the London docklands, the antique port of Buenos Aires Puerto Madero has been renewed and now represents the latest architectural trends of the city. It has a mixture of restaurants, ranging from high end to U.

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Learning Spanish in Buenos Aires: Like speed dating, but harder Posted by Archana on November 17, There were two dilemmas that arose from renting an apartment in Buenos Aires: How would we meet people and how would we improve our Spanish with the growing number of English-speaking expats with meet each day.

The Tools You Need to Improve Your Listening Skills I suggest using a language resource that contains both audio and a text transcript. The main reason for this is so that you can check your comprehension when you listen to something new.

Resources, links, opinion, news, and commentary for foreigners and expatriates living or visiting Argentina. Long-time readers of this blog will, of course, know a few of my reasons already, but I’ll go ahead and summarize them here in one easy-to-read post. Reader’s Question What do you like about living in Buenos Aires? What does the city and culture offer you that you could not find in [the United States]? The low cost of living. I have a job that allows me to live anywhere on this planet.

Give me a laptop and an internet connection and I can work from anywhere. Given that my income doesn’t change no matter where I’m living, it only makes sense to live in a place where things cost less. Argentina is one of those places.

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The post was getting really big so I started a new post covering the trip from Pisco onwards. I had organized someone to pick me up and drive me to the hotel and this worked well so I was in bed a couple of hours after I landed. Day 2 Today the bike was supposed to arrive but no bike: I had a bit more energy than yesterday so decided to do some sightseeing.

The center of town is 10kms from the hotel so I got an Uber to get there.

Thirty-nine undergraduate students (L1 English) studying in Buenos Aires, Argentina, completed a pretest consisting of speaking tasks in English and Spanish, Spanish grammar and vocabulary tests, a picture-naming task, and a measure of sentence processing speed.

Buenos Aires Performance of the day It was a great day for Argentina in Buenos Aires, as its athletes won a succession of medals backed by incredible local support in all of the venues. Buenos Aires Party in the parks A sunny Saturday brought thousands of fans out to enjoy the YOG experience, with live music and roving circus performers adding to the special festival atmosphere in the various parks around the city. All momentum — and chance of a medal — was lost, but the capacity crowd continued to scream home their athlete in a touching scene.

Buenos Aires Olympic champion taking inspiration from YOG athletes Having competed at six editions of the Olympic Games and beaten lung cancer to win gold at Rio , Argentinian sailor Santiago Lange has inspired countless people around the world to overcome their own challenges and realise their dreams. But what inspires the year-old to keep training and working hard towards a seventh Olympic appearance at the Olympic Games Tokyo ?

It turns out he has taken inspiration from the 4, young athletes competing at the YOG Buenos Aires , who he is mentoring during the Games as an Athlete Role Model. Those who have taken to the stage so far to share their experiences and answer questions from the athletes include Olympic gold medallists Chad le Clos and Cecilia Carranza Saroli, and YOG champion turned world silver medallist Yuliya Levchenko.

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Students can head to a local sidewalk cafe after class or even make a trip down to the beach. You can supplement your Spanish courses in Buenos Aires with optional cooking classes, movie nights, tango dancing and sporting events. We love hearing what past students have to say about their experience with our Spanish school in Buenos Aires. Each review helps us make the school even better for future students Cultural Attractions From markets and skyscrapers to theaters and museums, Buenos Aires is full of places to see and things to do.

BUENOS AIRES – Online Learning Platform Pilot EN Note: The following is the output resulting from transcribing an audio file into a word/text document.

Website Salsa Dance Academy – Are you serious about your salsa? Acquire a solid foundation while you learn the correct techniques to make it a more enjoyable dance experience for you and your dance partner as you hone and polish your dance skills. And remember, if you’re not on time with the music then you’re NOT a true dancer.

Chris De Souza, M: Pedro Arandia Director is the only professional teacher from Argentina in Perth. He teaches and performs real Tango Argentino. This style and technique encompasses the true methodology derived from the greatest masters of the art found in Buenos Aires. Be part of one of the fastest growing styles in Australia. Ceroc Modern Jive owes it’s popularity to simplified footwork which unshackles conventional dancing as it can be danced to any music.

Since it’s formation, the founder, Juan Rando, has travelled throughout the world developing the skills to dance and teach these styles of dance here in Australia. Classes will focus on posture, musicality, and enjoyment of the dance.

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You will become familiar with a variety of modern teaching practices and the course covers grammar and phonology specifically adapted to the needs of an ESL teacher. Other topics include lesson planning, student assessment and classroom management. A significant amount of the course is taken up with practice teaching to real language learners. We are located in the heart of Recoleta, within a historical mansion dating back to the city’s Golden Era.

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The inspiration for this blog was sparked the other nite by a conversation with a friend here who is latino and is in the same situation as me where she has made friends with a foreigner to whom she feel there is strong potential in their relationship. A year of friendship with Marisa has taught me so much and I was glad to be able to share some pearls of wisdom with my friend here on how to maintain a relationship with a foreigner.

It then occurred to me today that why not start a series of articles here on my blogsite that deals with this very issue. I know for certain that I am not the only one in the world who has a cross cultural friendship. There are thousands of other people in the same situation and now that Marisa and I have figured out a way to navigate through our cultural differences, I am sure that others would love to hear how we make it work.

It may sound sweet to have a cross cultural connection but the truth is that to maintain it takes a tremendous amount of love, commitment, and patience. When you meet someone for the first time, whether it’s a friendship or a romance there is excitement in the air and lots of feelings and emotions. That’s awesome but what do you do when the newness starts to wear off and you are more used to that person?

And if that isn’t enough, what do you do when it is clear that your friend wants a relationship with you but doesn’t even know one word in your native language? As well, comes the stress of having to deal with the fact that not only do you have two different cultures but you also live in two different countries and you spend part of the time abroad.

What I was explaining to my friend last nite is that love goes beyond feelings and emotions. Love is what stays when the newness and the sensation of meeting someone begins to die down. A great example is her first message to me a few days after I arrived in Canada. Remember that our friendship was still fairly new and this was a whole new situation for us.

2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games: Google Doodle explained ahead of opening ceremony in Buenos Aires

We recommend enrolling at least weeks in advance. Take this Online Proficiency Quiz for a chance to navigate through the course platform! Optional 2-week bonus chapters available at no extra cost: Students who have fully paid tuition are eligible to receive job search guidance during their class. Classes are capped at 20 students to ensure personal attention and maintain the highest standards of instruction.

4) Try Speed Dating for Language Learners If you are looking for the opportunity to practice your Spanish head to Spanglish. It’s a language exchange event held in a bar that pairs English and Spanish speakers for a series of 10 minute conversations – half in English .

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New episodes will roll out every Thursday. Finally, you can learn Chinese on Duolingo Each minute episode is a narrative nonfiction story, similar to an episode of This American Life. Though they take place all around the world, the episodes feature Latinx characters, and discuss Latinx culture. Castro narrates the stories slowly in clear, intermediate-level Spanish. A paragraph is read in Spanish first, followed by an English translation, with segments clocking in at about a minute long.

A survey of language-learning tools for the do-it-your-selfer The good, the mediocre, and the downright misleading. Over the past several years, I have .

Thomas A Farmer Abstract This study explores the development of second language L2 fluency during a semester abroad and its relationship to the development of grammar, vocabulary, and language processing speed. It also considers the influence of individual participants’ first language L1 and pre-study abroad SA L2 fluency on the development of fluency during study abroad.

Additionally, the study examines issues in the measurement of fluency, focusing on questions related to measuring pauses in L2 speech. Thirty-nine undergraduate students L1 English studying in Buenos Aires, Argentina, completed a pretest consisting of speaking tasks in English and Spanish, Spanish grammar and vocabulary tests, a picture-naming task, and a measure of sentence processing speed.

Approximately three months later, near the end of their time abroad, they completed a posttest consisting of the same tasks, with the exception of the speaking tasks in English. Participants also filled out a questionnaire every other week during the semester in which they estimated the amount of time that they had spent interacting with native speakers of Spanish.

Results show that participants experienced significant gains on most measures of fluency during study abroad. This finding was especially true for participants who began their time abroad with low L2 fluency.

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Join us About Us To relate well with other people we need to relate well with ourselves. We need to be in a good relationship with ourselves if we want to be in a good relationship with another person. To relate well with ourselves we need to know ourselves. We need to know who we truly are, we need to be in touch with our core essential self, and we need to stay connected with it at all times.

Then we will become brave enough to drop the mask and to show our true self to the world. Then and only then we will be able to connect with another person in a genuine and authentic way.

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A comparative analysis of constraints and failures. Since the beginning of interpreting research, sight translation has mostly been considered as a pedagogical exercise and interpreters are rarely trained in this task per se. However, sight translation, consecutive interpreting and simultaneous interpreting are performed under different conditions, and these determine how cognitive resources are managed and what strategies are adopted. The study compares the performance of six professional interpreters in sight translation, simultaneous interpreting and consecutive interpreting with a view to identifying particular constraints and problems.

Results show that interpreters face different difficulties and use different efforts in each mode. Sight translation emerges as a complex and unique technique, whose cognitive demands on the interpreter are by no means less than those of simultaneous and consecutive. This paper investigates this problem by testing the effect of six problematic English linear arrangements on the accuracy of performance of interpreters in three text types: These constructions are considered problematic because they contain key words which force the interpreter to lag too far behind the speaker before they are rendered into Arabic.

This lagging behind entails a risk of short-term memory overload and consequently affects performance. But the interpreters resorted to a tactic that helped them to stay as close as possible to the speaker, viz.

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