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Sheeo wrote an open letter on the forums, saying that development is slow, and bugfixes and mods are not going through, there are server problems, and no straight answer from ZeP about it all. He asked for access to the server, so more than one could maintain it, and stuff would get done. He also said that if ZeP didn’t let anyone help, they would fork the lobby and create an own FA server, open sourced, so that everybody could contribute. He had support from quite some developers and contributors Eximius, RK , As expected, shit hit the fan, and Sheeo and RK asked the same questions, ZeP only gave the same answers, and no real discussion took place. Sides were taken, and Sheeo said he sees no other alternative than to fork FAF, and that that would be his last post in this thread. ZeP said that he is disappointed in the community, and they managed him to feel awful about his project. ZeP joined the IRC channel, and refused to start the server again. The same discussions went on as in the forum, and then he deleted everything. He burned all bridges.

Supreme Commander Matchmaking Thread

Total Annihilation[ edit ] Boneyards players had ranks, clans and many other options available to them. Server wide competitions were often held, where the top ranking from each side were given the “commander” status of their side. This was the highest rank, and was only gained by winning one of the top competitions. When a player joined Boneyards, he or she would choose one of the game’s two factions to play as: The metagame consisted of a specific sector of the TA galaxies featuring many planets to be fought over.

Games were held on the contested planets, deciding who gained control of the planet and what planets would contested next in the push for the other faction’s sector homeworld.

The competitive / matchmaking, when the ranking in supreme commander ans is thought to be the business. After a game and its closure, the property is the horde / matchmaking efforts by square enix. Boneyards was forged alliance forever is the finale will was forged alliance forever is ://

Weapons no longer prefer unique targets. Agents are eligible to be the group leader only if they are close enough. This is true for joining through the game browser or by receiving an invite. Now less expensive, added an on ground impact effect. Bigger for better player feedback. Better player feedback at further LOD range. Now better looking and less expensive. This will be handled by Engineers.

Known Issues – Replays from previous versions will not function with this version.

Supreme Commander

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Joining the ranks of Supreme Commander 2 PC and Aliens vs. Predator PC, Avalanche’s Just Cause 2 PC will be using Valve’s Steamworks DRM. “Just Cause 2 uses Steamworks all the way,” Square Enix.

It was made by M. Productions on Youtube, on thegarbageguy’s channel. The series stars a four man squadron named Destiny IV: The primary antagonist of the first season is Lieutenant Commander Veraska though he is called Lieutenant Veraska , commanding officer of the ship Destiny IV is assigned to. Another antagonist, Zuko, was a member before Francsis joined but was a traitor. The series has a lot of slapstick humor. There were two seasons of Destiny IV before the show was cancelled due to technical difficulties over 5 years ago.

Battlefront II, there are several major differences between the Series and established canon: This list contains plot spoilers. Norad is also shown to have a dead “father” that is not Jango Fett. Strangely enough, however, several jokes have been made on the show about the characters being clones.

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Mongol invasions of Japan The samurai Suenaga facing Mongol arrows and bombs. Kublai Khan twice attempted to invade Japan; however, both times, it is believed that bad weather, or a flaw in the design of ships that were based on river boats without keels nevertheless destroyed his fleets. The first attempt took place in , with a fleet of ships.

Jul 29,  · supreme commander 1 forged alliance, supreme commander 2 = the pwnzorbbq of strategy. Really has no coherent background story or campaign however. command and conquer – all starcraft 2 tomorrow.

Sorry, but you can’t access this content! Give us an update on the game’s development. What aspects of the game is the team working on now? As we head for the finish line, our focus turns mostly to a few key areas of the game. First, we are working to eliminate all remaining bugs and to make sure the game is tuned and balanced. We also do a lot of work on performance optimizations to make sure the game loads quickly and will maintain a high frame rate.

We understand the sequel will add to all aspects of the previous game, in terms of story, gameplay, and technology. Could you give us an update on the technology optimization that’s being worked on at present?

Unbalanced matchmaking issue ?

Complete with chat, matchmaking, replay vaults, tournaments and ever evolving balance. If you want to experience Forged Alliance in its true glory together with thousands of other players of all skill levels, FAF is the place to be. Multiplayer Host and join teamgames with up to 16 players simultaneously or measure your skill against others in one versus one combat against players from all over the world.

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Strategy is a very broad genre, and strictly speaking SimCity isn’t a strategy game in the strict sense of the word; more of a simulator. So, to narrow it down, you need to answer a few questions for yourself: Fantasy, sci-fi, WW2, modern, etc 3 Style? It sounds like Civilization might be a good turn-based game to try and Starcraft sounds cool but my “fast twitch gaming skills” pretty much suck Maybe a slower strategic combat might be a good place to start. Given that, what would you suggest as a couple of games to try?

Thanks for the help! Jul 26, , The list goes on. Most of those are quite fast-paced, but you can always turn down the difficulty until you get up to speed. Most RTS games tend to be of the “fast twitch” variety, but for something a little slower, you may enjoy the Total War series. It spans a big chunk of history and has some higher-level strategic gameplay as well, not just tactical combat. For sheer scale, you have to check out Supreme Commander.

And if WW2 is your thing, Company of Heroes is an absolute must. Hope that’s enough to get you started.

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Generates a shield shield around around the ACU. Can be be upgraded. Creates a construction drone. Tech 2 Engineering Suite: Increases your building options.

Infobox VG title = Supreme Commander developer = Gas Powered Games Hellbent Games (X) publisher = THQ Aspyr media (X) designer = Chris Taylor engine = Moho version = released = Microsoft Windows vgrelease|International|INT|February

Add your rating See all 6 kid reviews. In the single-player campaign, your goal is to end this Infinite War by choosing one of the sides and destroying its foes. You use the map to find your enemies and fight them. The ACU you control is responsible for building armies and giving them orders. Throughout missions you can choose to enhance your ACUs with upgrades that vary depending on which side you’re on.

Supreme Commander also gives you access to land, sea, and air-based fighting units — from tanks to submarines to bombers. Continue reading Show less Is it any good? The visual reward for launching this kind of virtual firepower is gratifying. Along with the lengthy and intense single-player campaign is a skirmish mode, in which you play against the game’s artificial intelligence. There are also online head-to-head modes via the game’s built-in matchmaking service.

The game provides a so-so tutorial. Another issue is steep system requirements: Minimum specs are at least a 1.

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Supreme Commander 2 has been greatly reduced in size from its predecessor. The scale of the original is just no longer present even though structurally it does behave much the same way as the

April 10, 72 Supreme Commander 2 has been greatly reduced in size from its predecessor. The scale of the original is just no longer present even though structurally it does behave much the same way as the original. The presence of more experimental units and March 31, 70 Still a fantastic game, although when compared to its predecessor; for every one step forward, it’s two steps March 30, 69 I think I’ve been a victim of hype.

I never got a chance to play the first Supreme Commander, knowing that my aging rig would have been brought to its knees by the punishing system requirements. But the reviews certainly looked like something I March 29, 40 I wish I could recommend Supreme Commander 2. I felt the same way about Supreme Commander. Total Annihilation remains my favorite RTS of all time, and these games do occasionally re-capture the glory of that game.

But Supreme Commander 2, like

Supreme Commander 2 – Cybran Naval Supreme – 3v3 Multiplayer Gameplay