Life in the “Digital Now” – a TED talk by Abha Dawesar

The village is located between the city of Bandikui and the town of Sikandra that lies on the Jaipur-Agra highway. The village is now in ruins, but it attracts large number of tourists from across the globe. Abhaneri is known for its ‘Baori’ or step well which was invented by the natives to harvest rain water. Chand Baori remains one of India’s deepest and largest stepwells. The Baori consists of three flight of stairs descending into the earth with a subterranean palace on one side. The flight of stairs and the palace are all arranged in a square pattern with the well lying at the very bottom. The flight of steps are thirteen storeys deep.

Life in the “Digital Now” – a TED talk by Abha Dawesar

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Email Bio Follow September 19, Toy store chain Toys R Us filed for bankruptcy Monday night after struggling for years to pay down billions of dollars in debt and remain relevant in an era of online shopping. Toys R Us been spiraling toward bankruptcy for years as it failed to keep up with competitors. Lousy in-store customer service, a second-rate website and prices that are often higher than at many of its big-box competitors. Add to that piles of mounting debt — much of it dating to a leveraged buyout — and it was clear, many said, that the year-old brand was in trouble.

This is a very bad situation. Apple moved into the space. In recent years, Toys R Us has faced mounting competition from Amazon, and big-box chains like Walmart and Target, which often offer the same toys for less money and more convenience. Bezos, the founder and chief executive of Amazon, owns The Washington Post.

At the same time, toys have become less of a priority for many children and teenagers, who would rather buy smartphones and tablets — or apps and games for those devices — than traditional playthings. Two in three young teenagers now have their own tablet or smartphone, and the majority of them said spending on those devices has become an important consideration, according to research firm GlobalData Retail.

More than retailers have filed for bankruptcy this year, including private-equity backed Gymboree, Payless ShoeSource and the Limited. The retailer has since struggled to repay its debts. Vendors grew anxious and began to demand cash payments on holiday shipments.

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Sonographer doing an echocardiogram in a child Echocardiogram in the parasternal long-axis view, showing a measurement of the heart’s left ventricle Health societies recommend the use of echocardiography for initial diagnosis when a change in the patient’s clinical status occurs and when new data from an echocardiogram would result in the physician changing the patient’s care. Transthoracic echocardiogram A standard echocardiogram is also known as a transthoracic echocardiogram, or cardiac ultrasound.

In this case, the echocardiography transducer or probe is placed on the chest wall or thorax of the subject, and images are taken through the chest wall. This is a noninvasive, highly accurate, and quick assessment of the overall health of the heart. Transesophageal echocardiogram This is an alternative way to perform an echocardiogram.

Abha Airport Hotel was surely one of the best. If you are looking for a clean, comfortable and quiet place to stay in Abha, then look no further than this place! Staff are very friendly and helpful.

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If Abha of about 5 to 10 years is maintained even husband would have become relatively senior to match the moods of wife. Except biological adjustments theee is no particular reason for any age gap between husband and wife.

Asir Province – Abha 11 Feb With our parents are here and its the school semester break, so we decided to embark in another rihlah or journey. This time covering our current resident country, Saudi Arabia. The plan is to visit 3 provinces out of 13 provinces of Saudi i. Asir, Jizan and Makkah over 8 days journey.

Our 1st destination is Abha, main city of Asir province, about km from Riyadh. Abha, being 2, meters above the sea level with its mild climate all year long is one of the popular tourist destination among the Saudis and expat alike, especially during summer. Some of the homes here are made from stones and mud which were build by hand and are over years old. Getting a hotel there was not that hard. That night we just strolled around the hotel area, get us some food while enjoying the night view.

The greeneries and flowers of the side walk and the cool breeze makes you felt like being in Europe. Abha in the morning One of the many colorful buildings View of Abha from top of the mountain 12 Feb One of the main attraction in Abha besides the fresher air, greener and more colourful city is the Jabal Al-Akhder or Green Mountain.

We’re lucky because eventhough its still consider winter time, the weather was nice and the sky was clear.

Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

I grew up in Southern California and I knew from a young age, that I wanted to pursue a career that involved helping others. After graduating high school, I was presented with a unique opportunity to combine travel with studying medicine, when I enrolled in Manipal College of Medical Sciences in Pokhara, Nepal. After graduating, I returned back to the U. I love being a pediatrician — it is amazing to see children and their families grow from infancy to childhood and into the teen years.

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WhatsApp Abha is a city located in the Asir Province of Saudi Arabia that is a very popular holiday destination during the summers. The reason is obviously, its beautiful scenery, frosted mountain tops and the cool breezes throughout the year. A lot of people from the Gulf States visit Abha to escape the summer heat, bringing along a large number of tourists as well. The place is highly respected because of the elevation of m above the Red Sea , which gives Abha a beautiful and pleasant weather the whole year round.

What’s so difficult to decide once you are here is that you can’t pick the right activities, since there are plenty of them to choose from! In today’s read, I’ll be giving you a quick guide on the places you wouldn’t want to miss on your trip to Abha. You can stroll around the beautiful and calm lakeside in the , square meter garden. Along with this, you can dine in to enjoy some delicious food at the Abha Palace Hotel, accompanied by beautiful views of the lake and the lighten up city.

You can also avail the scenic cable car ride from the resort to the Green Mountain which is one of the specialties here. Now visit some of the old villages such as the Hanging Village down in Habala. This village is accessible only by ropes since the whole village was built halfway down a cliff so the people at that time could feel protected from the Ottomons.


The clinic provides free consultation for adolescent girls aged years. The health of the youth of a country is crucial for its development and their impressionable minds can be molded very easily. Every Saturday in Room No — F from Special emphasis is laid on screening for genital tract cancers with screening tests available like PAP smear, HPV testing and colposcopy.

Abha Rai, MSW, PhD Student/Research Assistant, University of Georgia, Athens, GA. Background and Purpose: About 10% to 50% of college students experience dating violence. Other than the prevalence rates of dating violence among college students, little is known regarding college students’ help-seeking behaviors. The goal of this study is to.

The buildings are made up of several floors. The lowest level is for livestock. The next level is for human habitation, complete with small windows to keep out intruders and heat. As you go higher up the building, the windows get larger to let in more light and air. Some of these buildings are estimated to be several hundred years old. Fortunately, there seems to be considerable interest by some Najran residents to preserve their traditional homes – often modernizing them for current lifestyles.

Of course, this hospitality rule does not work in the big cities, but in the little villages. But we could walk freely everywhere, without limit in the towns. The mosque of Omar Ibn al-Khattab pictured is located in the town of Dawmat al-Jandal, a major intersection of ancient trade routes linking Mesopotamia and the Arabian Peninsula, explained Mr Lafforgue. The mosque was built between and in stone.

The Saud family is believed to have rebuilt the prayer hall in In , buildings surrounding the minaret from the south and the west were demolished and the minaret and the mosque restored yet again ‘The archaeological site of Al-Hijr Madain Salih was formerly known as Hegra,’ said Mr Lafforgue.

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Some great answers already here, hopefully this will be another:) Okay, let’s first consider a few things. Any country that pushes anything to be ‘haram’ risks creating a demand for it’s supply.

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